Kronos uses the Campus Authentication Service (CAS), an enterprise Single Sign-On solution for web services. Single Sign-On is a session/user authentication process that allows a user to provide his or her credentials once in order to access all applications to which he or she has been authorized.

If you access Kronos from a shared computer, make sure to exit the application and the browser to clear your credentials so that other users can access the application.

If you click “Close”, the window will close but the browser session is still active. Here are the instructions for properly exiting your browser.


  • Click the Menu  icon
  • Select “Exit” from the menu options (or Ctrl+Shift+Q) to exit the browser completely


  • Click the Menu  icon
  • Click the Exit Firefox  icon to exit the browser completely

Internet Explorer

  • Close all Internet Explorer windows, and select “Close All Tabs” if you have multiple tabs open in any browser window


  • Select “Quit” from the Safari menu (or Command+Q)