Dear Payroll Managers & Timekeepers,

Please review the linked Google sheet (sent via email) containing leave taken that was entered into Kronos for biweekly PPE 12/11/2021 prior to the outage.  This data will be the starting point for swapping previously reported regular hours for unreported leave.  The Google sheet also includes calculated student shift differential hours captured prior to the outage.  The following data, if already uploaded to UCPath, is excluded to prevent double-deductions and avoid overpayments:

  • FMLA leave codes
  • Historical Corrections
  • Staff Shift Differential
  • ERIT
  • CT Payout

Please complete your review by 5:00pm on Monday, January 24, 2022.

NOTE: The following campus areas/departments will receive their data in a separate email to protect employee privacy: DFSS, HDAE, MSII, PERS, POLI, RECR, and STHL.

Please take the following actions in the tab labeled “Existing”:

  1. If the quantity of hours needs to be adjusted, update column I.
  2. If the pay code should be changed, update column H.
  3. Acknowledge ALL your department rows by updating column J with a Y or N.
    1. If you want the data uploaded to UCPath, enter Y.  
    2. If you do not want the data uploaded, enter N.  This will be less common, but applicable if the transaction no longer applies or was processed through a different channel such as final pay.

If you need to add additional rows because an employee’s timecard wasn’t complete, please add to the tab labeled “New”.  For new entries, please keep the following edits in mind:

  • EMPLID, JOB, and POSITION (columns C - E) must match data in UCPath.
  • Date (column F) represents the timecard day, must be in the format MMDDYYYY (no dashes or slashes), and must fall within the pay period range:  11282021 through 12112021
  • Kronos Pay Codes (column G) should be limited to leave taken only.
  • Hours (column H) are the daily amount in quarter-hour increments.

Student shift differential has been reported as calculated weekly amounts associated with the final date of each week within the pay period.

Tips for working in shared Google Sheets:

  • Do not reorder or rename columns.
  • Do not turn on filters if possible.  This can affect the view for others.  Instead, use find to get to your department code(s).  The spreadsheets are sorted by department code followed by employee name.

If you have questions, please submit a ticket via

We sincerely appreciate your assistance and effort.  Thank you!