Dear Timekeepers and Payroll Managers,

In a memo to campus on January 12th, Lisa Romero, Interim Director of Human Resources, announced up to two days of administrative pay for employees affected by evacuations and extreme weather conditions. For employees who qualify per the memo, the following instructions are provided to correctly reflect the paid emergency leave usage in Kronos.  
For Hourly Employees (biweekly or monthly):
Add the Pay Code “Hours Worked” and amount of hours of paid emergency leave to the applicable date. 
Right Click on the Amount and select “Comments.” 
In the Comment window, click the dropdown and select “Administrative Leave with Pay.” 
Click Ok (bottom of Comment window).
Save timecard.
For Monthly-Salaried Employees: 
Managers, Payroll Managers, or Timekeepers will need to enter the "Hours Worked" Pay Code with the amount of hours and the Comment "Administrative Leave With Pay." (Salaried employees will not have access to select that Pay Code in Kronos).
To further clarify, the employee should not be placed on a leave of absence, simply document the usage of paid emergency leave in Kronos as explained above.  
Please submit a Timekeeping ticket at if you have any questions or issues updating timecards.
Thank you.