Dear Timekeepers and Payroll Managers,

In a memo to campus on March 17th, Garry Mac Pherson and Cynthia Señeriz shared the provisions for the usage of paid administrative leave in accordance with the Executive Order issued by UC President Janet Napolitano on March 16th. The Executive Order is posted on UCnet, along with other COVID-19 information for UC employees:  

For employees who receive approval for paid emergency administrative leave, in accordance with the Executive Order issued by the Office of the President, the following instructions are provided to correctly reflect the paid emergency administrative leave usage in Kronos.

For all Non-exempt Biweekly Paid Employees and Exempt Monthly Paid Employees:
Payroll Managers or Timekeepers will need to enter the Pay Code "COVID-19 Admin Leave with Pay" and the amount of hours of paid emergency leave to each applicable date and save timecard.

To further clarify, the employee should not be placed on a leave of absence, simply document the usage of paid emergency leave in Kronos as explained above.  The pay code will be available in Kronos tomorrow morning for use in the current pay period.  

Please submit an Electronic Timekeeping ticket at if you have any questions or issues updating timecards.