Dear Timekeepers and Payroll Managers,

During the Kronos outage, the following pay periods were processed with source data provided externally in spreadsheets:

Biweekly:  12/11/2021, 12/25/2021, and 1/8/2022
Monthly-Hourly:  12/31/2021

Data processed during the outage will not be imported into Kronos, a decision reviewed and agreed to by UCSB’s Steering Team.  

  • We do not have an interface.
  • We did not collect daily hours worked for Kronos overtime calculations.  
  • Data processed externally overlaps with existing data in Kronos.
  • Importing the records would trigger incorrect calculations and the resulting timecard data would be imperfect, creating challenges for paycheck reconciliation.

The detailed records for hourly employees are available in UCPath, the system of record, and can be accessed as follows:

  • Employees:  View Paycheck page
  • Departments:  Cognos R-269 Earnings by Pay Period report
  • Departments:   Review Paycheck Summary page
  • BFS Payroll and Kronos Administrators: View PREPSHUP Staging Transactions page

If you have questions, please submit a ticket via