Dear Payroll Managers and Timekeepers,

Thank you to the departments that responded to our original request to review unreported leave for biweekly PPE 12/11/2021.  Your transactions were uploaded yesterday and will be reflected in accrual balances in UCPath after the Accrual Post Confirm is complete.

A revised Google sheet (sent via email) is available for review with transactions that were not acknowledged.  These transactions will be uploaded in the next on-cycle processing window (biweekly PPE 2/5/2022) unless you enter “Exclude” in column J.

Please review and flag any data you want to exclude by 5pm on Monday, January 31.  

Action is only required if you want to exclude any data or have new data to add.  If you need to add additional data because an employee’s timecard wasn’t complete, please add to the tab labeled “New”.  For new entries, please keep the following edits in mind:

  • EMPLID, JOB, and POSITION (columns C-E) must match data in UCPath.
  • Date (column F) represents the timecard day, must be in the format MMDDYYYY (no dashes or slashes), and must fall within the pay period range:  11282021 through 12112021
  • Kronos Pay Codes (column G) should be limited to leave taken only.
  • Hours (column H) are the daily amount in quarter-hour increments.

If you have questions, please submit a ticket via

We sincerely appreciate your assistance and effort.  Thank you!