Dear Payroll Managers and Timekeepers,

On June 17, 2022, ETS is streamlining the non-PostDoc academic accrual profiles in Kronos. Since Kronos only manages accrual takings, the 39 accrual profiles are changing to 8. This change will simplify employee configuration changes for academic employees.  You will not need to complete any actions as a part of this change.

The change starts at 8:30 am and finishes at approximately 9:30 am. Users can access Kronos and perform their normal functions during the change; however, we ask that Payroll Managers and Timekeepers avoid making any changes to accrual profile assignments during this window to avoid confusion.

Once implemented, the academic accrual profiles will be:

  1. Academic D
  2. Academic D non-8
  3. Academic D Non Ex BW
  4. Academic E
  5. Academic E non-8
  6. Academic N
  7. Academic F
  8. Academic F non-8

The mapping of the existing accrual profiles will be as shown below:









Academic D

Academic D non-8

Academic D Non Ex BW

Academic E

Academic E non-8

Academic N

Academic F

Academic F non-8

Academic D 97-100

Academic D 50-53

Academic D Non Ex BW

Academic E 97-100

Academic E 50-53

Academic N

Academic F 94-100

Academic Coord 9-12 F 09-24


Academic D 54-56


Academic E 54-59


Academic Coord 9-12 F 92-100

Academic Coord 9-12 F 25-41


Academic D 60-65


Academic E 60-65


Academic Coord 9-12 F 42-58


Academic D 66-68


Academic E 66-71


Academic Coord 9-12 F 59-74


Academic D 69-71


Academic E 72-78


Academic Coord 9-12 F 75-91


Academic D 72-78


Academic E 79-84


Academic F 50-56


Academic D 79-81


Academic E 85-90


Academic F 57-68


Academic D 82-84


Academic E 91-96


Academic F 69-81


Academic D 85-90


Academic F 82-93


Academic D 91-93


Academic D 94-96


Academic D 97-100 non-8



Kronos’ internal logic will also be updated to default accrual profile assignments for newly hired or rehired employees in the following TUCs:  LX, FX, and RA.  As a reminder, Payroll Managers/Timekeepers should always review new employees’ configurations for accuracy.

Please submit a Timekeeping ticket at if you have any questions.